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Gargano has a great variety of landscapes. Enjoying our offers, you can have a beautiful holiday in La Canzone del Mare, near the main tourist attractions of the area.

There are many interesting excursions.

Lovers of the nature can stay in camping site or explore Gargano in the surroundings of Vieste to find out how much varied flora and fauna are, as in the Foresta Umbra, or how charming wild orchids are or how mysterious the sea caves are.

Gargano gives the opportunity to visit famous mystic places, as Monte SantíAngelo Sanctuary or San Pio Sanctuary in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Moreover, the children can have fun in the Zoo Safari in Fasano with wild animals and so many pastimes.

Nearby Vieste there are also many interesting, artistic and historical places to visit during holiday, so in our village you canít be bored.