The beaches

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The beaches of Vieste gently down to a clear sea awarded many times with Blue Flag, with amazing bottoms, paradise to dive.

Each beach has a particular feature. Scialara or Pizzomunno beach is famous thanks to the namesake limestone monolith. Itís 4 kilometres long and has a shallow and sandy bottom.

Porto Nuovo Beach is known thanks to a little islet 500 meters far from the shore; while San Felice Beach is situated between Architiello and the cliff with an old watchtower above.

Pugnochiuso Beach is small but beautiful and it offers an amazing view.

There are also some parts of coast without bathhouse, as Campi, Porto Greco and Cala della Pergola.

You can choose your favourite beach in Vieste where enjoy sun, sea but also where you can windsurfing or kitesurfing having amazing holiday in the Gargano.